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5 Museums We Love in Barcelona

Does your Barcelona itinerary include museums? If not, it really should. This city is known for tapas, siestas, and fantastic cuisine. However, the city’s museum scene is just as notable. If you’re visiting Barcelona and want to dive into the culture and art, the museums are the best places to start. Here are five museums in Barcelona that we absolutely love. 

Museu Picasso

An entire museum dedicated to Picasso? That’s right! This impressive building is home to more than 3,800 pieces of his original works. As you tour the museum, you’ll see the transformation of Picasso’s life and artwork. Through his artwork, you can see the growth of his talents over the years. Look for some of his famous paintings like; Person With Fruit Bowl, Gored Horse, and Science and Charity.

Fundació Suñol 

This contemporary museum contains the personal art collection of businessman, Josep Suñol. It’s a collection of sculptures, photography, and paintings, with around 100 works displayed at one time. Suñol collected more than 1,000 pieces over 35 years, with many original works by Miró, Picasso, and Pablo Gargallo, Boetti, Warhol, Dalí, Tàpies, García-Alix Man Ray, Giacometti, Lootz, Gordillo, Navarro, Zush, Solano, Abad, Plensa, Colomer, Manils. The museum functions as a non-profit and works to not only promote art, but specifically avant-garde production.

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Also referred to as MNAC, this museum holds an impressive collection of Catalan art from the 19th and 20th centuries. It’s also known for its collection of Romanesque art and the impressive architecture of the building that houses it. Visitors will find religious paintings, Romanesque murals, and modern Catalan photography. While visiting, pay special attention to the building’s impressive architecture, which dates back to 1929, as well as the significant collection of Romanesque religious paintings (this is one of the best collections in the world.) Notable works to see include; Apse of la Seu d’Urgell, Paintings From Arlanza, Altar Frontal From Avia, Baldachin from Tost, and Apse of Santa Maria d’Aneu.

The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Also referred to as the CCCB, this museum is known for its thought-provoking exhibits. The main theme of the museum surrounds city life and urban culture. The exhibits are often interactive, rotating, and educational. And, since the center often hosts events, festivals, and workshops, it’s worth seeing what’s happening while you’re in Barcelona.


If you’re interested in an off-the-beaten-path museum in Barcelona, this is your place. It’s a science museum that is great for the family, as exhibits are interactive and fun. You’ll find rock formations, constellations, a scaled solar system for children, and a 3D Planetarium. Visitors can also see exhibits focused on nature, science, and the environment. This is one of Barcelona’s best museums for kids as they can play, touch, learn, and explore.

If you’re visiting Barcelona, these museums should definitely make it on the itinerary. They’ll allow you to take a deep dive into the culture and history of the city.