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5 Must-visit street art cities in Europe

Are you looking for a more alternative kind of holidays? We have the solution for you! Check our top 5 street art cities in Europe.

Thanks to its wide story, lots of European cities have a whole story to tell; not only in their landmarks but also on their streets.


In every corner of this city, there is a nice urban artwork to stare for hours. You can see street art from all kinds: from the tinniest sticker in a random streetlight until a massive wall graffiti from Amy Winehouse. Although there is no specific route to see all the street art this city offers, Camden Town is the neighborhood where you can see some of the best ones by just walking down its Market or streets.


 Bristol is considered to be one of the most European appealing cities in terms of urban art. It is quite an obvious fact if we keep in mind that Banksy, one of the most controversial street artists from all times, was born here. Due to that, this city has an endless amount of stunning graffitis starting from all the ones the artist has made. There is even an app which you can download to make sure you do not miss any of his artworks in this city. Nevertheless, there are some other great murals in this city apart from Banksy's ones.

However, it is not all only about England...


Probably it is a city you would never have guessed it has such a great street art displayed, but it is for sure the Eastern Europe street art representative city. It is not only because of its wonderful graffitis but also because of the decoration of its alternatives bars and pubs. All the urban art there has such strong messages hidden behind, usually, most of them have something to do with the history of the country. So, if you want to embrace a whole street art experience in Eastern Europe, Bucharest is the city to visit.


Of course, Berlin was a must in this street art list. In fact, one of the most famous landmarks of this city (the Wall of Berlin) was painted by many famous street art artists. Each mural of the wall has a really different powerful meaning. Also, it is a great experience to see all the different styles from all the different artists who painted it.

However, this city is not only about its landmarks, but you can also enjoy its wonderful graffitis in the most alternatives punks neighborhoods named: Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg.


Keeping in mind that Barcelona has been home from some of the best well-known Spanish artists like Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dalí, its streets needed to prove it. This is why Barcelona is for sure the Spanish street art city of reference. This city street art style is massively wide. By walking down through its downtown you can end up finding a massive controversial graffiti and next to it wonderful mural. There is not a specific route to follow them, but most of the greatest ones are in the Gothic neighborhood.

This is our 5 top cities, although we are sure there are so many street art cities around Europe to discover!