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7 of The Best Pubs in Dublin

You can’t visit Dublin without experiencing the pub scene. Drinking is part of the Irish culture, and if you don’t treat yourself to a Guinness at least once, then you haven’t really experienced it.

While you might not make it to every pub that Dublin has to offer, you can make sure to visit some of the best. So, if you are getting your itinerary in order, here are 7 of the best pubs in Dublin to have yourself a pint.

The Brazen Head

Ireland’s oldest pub tops the list for many Dublin drinking itineraries. It dates all the way back to 1198 and is still just as popular as it was back then. Expect to hear live music as it plays every night, and spend some time roaming around to look at the old photographs that line the walls. To bring the whole Irish experience together, the menu offers you traditional Irish food. Try a helping of their Guinness and beef stew, the black pudding salad, or the traditional Irish stew.

Long Hall Pub

The allure of this pub is that it dates back to the Victorian-era. The best part is, that it still looks like it too. It’s been in business for more than 250 years, with original wood, carpets, and stained glass proving its age. While this pub isn’t exactly trendy, it still holds its own amongst the more modern establishments.

Cobblestone Pub

This pub is big on music and likes to refer to themselves as ‘a drinking pub with a music problem.’ If you’re into live music, this is a good problem for a pub to have. You’ll run into locals and tourists who all mingle perfectly over a pint and some live tunes.

Bruxelles Pub

Bruxelles brings in quite the varied crowd. You never know who you’ll run into while having a few beers at this cosmopolitan pub. There are three different bars to choose from, all of which have a different atmosphere on any given night. Some people would call this place a sports bar while others would refer to it as a music venue. While visiting, expect to see live music, DJs, or a lively sports game. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a local celebrity, so keep a look out.


Real Irish life can be found inside of Grogran’s pub. It’s been called an institution of the Dublin pub scene and while their drinks aren’t exactly fancy, they certainly get the job done. Make sure to enjoy a ham and cheese toastie with your pint as you watch the crowds go by the outdoor seating.

The Stag’s Head

This pub has seen a lot fame during its time. It’s role in television shows and movies have really put it on the map. Shows like Penny Dreadful and Educating Rita have been filmed here, making it a well-rounded spot for a beer. The setting here is intimate and the pub itself is traditional, giving you a real Irish experience.

O’Donoghues Pub

This pub is a must if you want to spend some time amongst real Irish tradition. It dates back to the 1700’s and still offers a bar, hotel, and plenty of live music. Most music lovers around Dublin will know this watering hole well, so you won’t want to miss out on the place that everyone is talking about!

Even if you can only make it to one of the pubs on the list, you’re sure to have yourself a great time. Drink a few pints, make some new friends, and make sure that your trip to Dublin is one you’ll always remember. Book your transfer to Dublin airport in advance so you can spend more time exploring the everything Dublin has to offer.