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Best Surfing Spots in Portugal

Beach of the Casino (Espinho)

Close to Porto, a beach that reaches as far as the view can see, perfect waves for all levels of surfers and incessant throughout the day.

North Beach (Nazaré)

It is a reference beach in the world, since in 2011 was established the world record of the largest wave ever surfed, of more than 34 meters. The turbulent and brave sea and the strong waves make this beach a perfect place for those surfers with more experience.

Big beach (Guincho)

With clear and crystalline water, Grande do Guincho beach is considered one of the largest beaches in the country, with a high number of vacationers, being part of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. It is also sought by Surfers, Windsurfers and Kitesurfers, where world championships of these same modalities are realized.

Supertubos Beach (Peniche)

It is famous worldwide for its tubular waves, considered the best "tubes" in European seas. It is located south of Peniche Peninsula.

Arrifana Beach (Vicentina Coast)

This is one of the beaches of the village of Aljezur which is considered as one of the best beaches for surfing and also much used by young and foreigners who seek the beauty of the place and the waves for sports.

Amado Beach (Vicentina Coast)

It is considered one of the best Portuguese beaches for surfing, and is often the scene of international competitions.

Ribeira de I’ilhas (Ericeira)

A little further in the center of the country's coast, we find these wild, blue beaches perfect for catching waves on more than 8km of coastline. It is one of the earliest surfing reserves in the world, and one of the hottest names on surfing scripts around the globe.

Paúl do Mar (Madeira)

On this beach, the world surfing championship was held in 2001. It is a quiet and wild area, and this is one of the charms of the beach, which satisfies all the wishes of a good surfer: big waves, enough space and little crowding.