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Elephant Travels the World

A little boy lost his elephant toy and you’ll never believe what his parents did! His elephant travels the world now..

Elephant Travels the World

Almost every kid has his favourite toy or other things they love to carry with him or her. But when their things get lost, it could be devastating for them. What do you do then? One set of parents recently came up with an amazing “lie” to help their son get over the lost of his favourite stuffed animal. They’ve told him that his elephant travels the world and the whole Internet is helping!

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Kontan Karite, who is a friend of the parents, posted online at Reddit that a friend’s son lost his favourite toy and that the parents told him that the elephant travels the world. Kontan Karite posted a picture of the stuffed animal and asked other users to do a small favor for the boy: if they could Photoshop the elephant in different places around the world to let the boy see his favourite toy traveling. There is an overload of responses and they will melt your heart.


The elephant already has been to a few wonders of the world and already seen all the seven continents. It’s been at the white house, has met his family and has been to London to meet up with his friend Paddington Bear. Thanks to all the support of everyone around the world, this elephant has the time of his life! And there is also some help to get to that places. You won't believe it, but guess what... We're driving him from and to the airport! He’s also been to the big apple, New York City, with Taxi2Airport! We wish you all the best and see you at your new adventure, Mr. Elephant!