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Copenhagen – The Capital of The Happiest Country on Earth

The Danish capital has more things to offer than Mermaid Statue. Grab this guide before your trip to the colorful Copenhagen. Nyhavn street in Copenhagen

Essential information

  • Curency: Danish Kroner (DKK). The exchange rate is quite stable at approximately 1 knone = 0.15 USD.
  • Language: The official language is Danish. But because Danish were named as the best English speakers as a second language in the world, you can easily stay in Denmark without speaking any Danish word.
  • Weather: The city, as the rest of Denmark, has an oceanic climate which highest average temperature is 17ºC in July and the coldest is January at 0ºC. The best time to travel is during summer, from May till August. You can check the weather in Copenhagen at Danish Meterological Institute website.
  • Transportation: Bicycle is a part of Northern European culture and more than a half of the population ride their bikes every day. For tourists, the most common mean of transport in Copenhagen is probably its efficient public transport system including S-train, intercity trains/buses and metro Copenhagen buses. Don’t forget to book a Copenhagen Airport taxi with TAXI2AIRPORT.

10 random facts

#1. Even at 3 a.m, on a snowy day, local people will wait for the green light at pedestrian crossings. #2. The flag of Denmark which was adopted in 1219 is the oldest state flag in the world. #3. Tivoli Garden is the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world which inspired Walt Disney to build its theme parks. Guards at Amalienborg Copenhagen #4. The Queen’s guards wear red for special occasions and wear black when important guests are visiting. #5. The Copenhagen harbor is clean enough to swim in. #6. Copenhagen is the homeland of your LEGO bricks. Street food in Copenhagen #7. Pickled herring is a favorite Danes dish. #8. And they eat 42 sausages a year, on average. #9. Copenhagen is the gastro capital of Scandinavia with more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the region. #10. The Little Mermaid statue once traveled to Shanghai for exhibition during Expo 2010. Are you ready to plan your trip to Denmark?