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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe on Vacation

Coming home from your wonderful vacation should be gloomy. But a house or apartment left empty while you’re on vacation is a tempting target for criminals. Basic preventative measures, which take only minutes to complete, can work wonders to keep your home safe and help you avoid power surges, broken pipes, home invasions and more.

Keep Your Home Safe

Ask help from a friend

A simple and easy way is to ask a good friend or family member whom you trust. They can keep an eye on your house and keep your home safe when you’re on a vacation. Ask the person to drive by your house once a day and check the place. Give also your key so they would be able to bring in your mail, feed your cat and water your plants. Don’t forget to give them your vacation contact information in case of emergencies.

Be careful on the web

People nowadays love to share their personal things online. It’s okay to do so, but not when you’re planning to leave your house for a vacation. You need to stop and think: Who exactly is reading this stuff? We think that everything we do and share on the Internet is anonymous, but it’s not! Realize that also strangers are able to see what you’re posting. You don’t want them to know your out on a vacation, right? Be also careful what you say on your voicemail, callers don’t need to know you’re not in your house.

Curtains closed or open?

We can imagine that you think that closing your curtains would be the best option to keep your home safe when you're on a vacation. It prevents people to look inside your house. However, closing your curtains could also stop the help from your friends and neighbours. They cannot see what is happening in your house. Leave the curtains as you usually keep them. By closing them for one or two weeks, without any change, could also be a hint for them who want to break in your house.

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Light on or off to keep your home safe?

Do not leave your lights one while your on a vacation. A house where the lights are always on looks a bit odd. Your electric bill will end up high and besides that, leaving the lights on is not exactly “green“ behaviour. What you can do is purchasing a light switch timer. It can turn your lights on and off automatically. Criminals will keep an eye on your house. When they see your lights flipping they would probably assume someone is doing it, and not a timer.

Pull out the plugs

Also when you’re not using the television, it still uses power, even when it’s turned off. So not only your television, but also your computer, lamps and other appliances in your house use power when they are not in use. So for you electric bill and also safety, it would be better to pull out the plugs while you’re on a vacation to keep your home safe.

Remove your spare key

Many of you have a spare key somewhere by your house. That plastic rock isn’t fooling anyone, especially not when you’re on a vacation. If a criminal knows you’re not at your house, they will try to found your spare key. So reach under your mat, into the mailbox, above the doorframe and into the flowerpot and remove the key before you leave on your vacation.