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Medieval cities that will take you time-travelling

Fascinated by history and want to embark on a visual, culinary and cultural journey through the ages? Then this was written for you!  Read on for Medieval cities not to be missed.


Strolling through picturesque Bruges, you could easily think that you are in the centre of Venice, Italy.  Being a major commercial hub in Belgium, the city has a beautiful network of well-developed canals.  You can even see/touch the original walls that have protected the city since way back in the Middle Ages!


The main tourist hub in Scotland is Edinburgh Castle, which hangs off of a cliff. It leans against the dramatic backdrop of Edinburgh city and it’s enchanted cobbled streets and medieval architecture.

Throughout its history, Edinburgh Castle has undergone a series of extensions and reforms but has always remained faithful to its classic, original style.


Trakai’s only castle is built on an island and there’s only one word for it: Breathtaking!  Medieval Europe saw the city of Trakai and the capital of Lithuania, and although it has now been replaced by Vilnius, it has remained one of the most sought-after spots by tourists.

The castle is situated between the lakes Luka, Galvés, and Totoriskiu.


CALLING ALL GAME OF THRONES FANS: The hidden corner of a Croatian city of is the place for you!  It has been home to many famous scenes from the cult classic show, which has breathed fire and water into the medieval architecture here and boosted the tourist economy hugely.  The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Toledo or ‘The Imperial City’ has a dark history that is often associated with the Spanish Inquisition. Eek.  (So as long as you are not a medieval heretic, you are good to go!)

History lovers absolutely must come lose themselves in the dramatic history, and the even more beautiful architecture.


Cobbled streets, exquisite restaurants, and tiny medieval doors… Located in the region of Languedoc, south of France, Carcassone still has its ramparts and fortifications in prime condition due to the great restoration of the 19thcentury.

Carcassonne is everything an educational yet fun family day out should be! Don’t miss out.


Located in stunning Tuscany, the city of Siena, is composed of a large variety of medieval buildings (as well as an even larger variety of romance).

The region is internationally renowned for its world-class gastronomy and breathtaking natural scenery- rest assured it will take you back centuries.