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The Ultimate Airport Layover Guide You Must Read

Do you have a long airport layover coming up? When booking your trip the thought of a 12-hour layover may fill you with dread, but a long layover needn’t be a nightmare – in fact with many airport’s cosy sleep pods and cabins it can literally be a dream.

It’s not only places to relax or catch some ZZZs which airports have introduced to help with long layovers, there’s also plenty of entertainment options available from museums to bowling alleys to aquariums! And of course, most airports these days provide free wi-fi and charging stations so you can stay connected with the rest of the world during your layover.

Some airports are better equipped than others of course. So to help you plan your layover we have put together an ultimate airport layover guide providing you with information on what you can expect on your airport layover in the 50 busiest airports in the world.

Wi-fi and Charging Stations

As we become ever more connected to our technology, most airports in recent times have realised the importance of providing free wi-fi and charging stations for our electronics. Almost all of the 50 busiest airports include free wi-fi and power sockets. Some exceptions include O’Hare International in Chicago, JFK in New York, and London Gatwick who charge for wi-fi or provide limited access. Airports which don’t provide charging stations include Miami International Airport and Ninoy Aquino International Airport. If you’re heading to an airport which doesn’t provide power stations it is a good idea to invest in a portable charger to keep you powered up.

Rest and Relaxation

Airports are increasingly providing various sleep pods, nap zones, rest cabins – the name varies but essentially it is somewhere to catch some ZZZs on a long layover. Many airports even have a hotel within the terminal where you can bunk down for the night, including Indira Gandhi International Airport, Frankfurt Airport and Amsterdam Airport - which has two transit hotels.

As well as places to catch up on your sleep, airports offer plenty of other relaxation options including yoga rooms, massage parlours and zen gardens. One of the best airports for relaxation facilities is Amsterdam Schiphol which has two transit hotels, massage chairs, a spa, a barbers and relaxation gardens. Another well-equipped airport for resting between flights is Dubai International Airport, which offers massages, snooze zones, a fitness suite, spa, transit hotel and gardens.


If you’re too excited for your travels to spend your layover snoozing, there’s an interesting array of entertainment facilities available across the 50 busiest airports. From casinos to museums to games arcades and art workshops – some airports are almost a holiday in themselves. Some of the most action packed airports are Munich Airport which includes a micro-brewery, simulation golf, casino and aviation museum, and Singapore Changi Airport which includes art workshops, movie screenings, a games area and a butterfly garden.

Have a look at our full guide below to find all of the facilities available in each airport, and make your long layover something to look forward to.

  ultimate airport layover guide