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Extra information

Ben Gurion International Airport, TLV, Israel

Ben Gurion Airport taxi is specialized in providing cheap and reliable airport taxi services in Tel Aviv. We have local taxi services in more than 50 countries at more than 500 airports. We acquire the taxi companies and drivers ourselves, so that we know whom we are working with. We keep close contacts with them so that we know how they are progressing. Besides that, we monitor the reviews of our customers to see if the drivers are performing well enough. Due to us doing this, we can guarantee that we offer a great taxi service which is available 24/7. If you’re flying to Israel and you are staying in Tel Aviv the fastest way to get to the city is with a Ben Gurion Airport transfer. So if you are ready to enjoy your holiday book a Tel Aviv Airport taxi on our site.

Advantages of booking a Ben Gurion Airport transfer online

There are a couple advantages of booking your Tel Aviv Airport transfer in advance:

  • You don’t have to worry how to get to your destination when you’re at the airport
  • You pay a fixed price, so no unexpected costs
  • You have no issues with converting currencies
  • You know in advance who your driver is and where he is waiting for you

Firstly, it is nice to arrive at the airport, gather your luggage and the driver is already waiting for you. At our website, you can even choose for the driver to wait for you with a nameplate.In order that you can’t miss each other. When you arrive in a foreign country, you can’t always be sure of the reliability of the taxis. Sometimes they take detours so that they can charge you extra costs or start driving with a high starting rate. Another problem of taking a random cab in a foreign country are the currencies. At different places they handle different currencies, which can lead to confusion. At the end, you don’t know what you actually pay and sometimes it is way too much. For that reason we work with fixed prices that you can pay in advance, so that you don’t need to hassle with strange money or get surprised by high rates at the end of your airport taxi transfer to Tel Aviv. When you book your Ben Gurion Airport cab with us, we send you all the information in advance. In that way you know who your driver is, what car he has and which company he works for. We work with local partners, so that we can assure you that everywhere in the world we offer the lowest prices.

Book your Ben Gurion Airport taxi online

If you’re flying to Israel and you want to be picked up from the airport and go to Tel Aviv, you’re making the right decision to book with Taxi2Airport! We help you arrange everything before you leave. You can follow a few easy steps and make your booking really quick:

  1. Fill in all the blanks in the booking form on top of the page
  2. Choose an airport taxi in Tel Aviv
  3. Fill in your contact details
  4. Choose a safe payment method

As you can read, there are just a few things you have to do to make sure that you can go on a holiday without worries! The form speaks for itself: you fill in what date and time you want to be picked up, where you want to be picked up and where you want to be dropped off. The next step is to choose an airport cab. You have choice between:

  • A Sedan
  • A Minibus
  • A Minivan

You can also add extra options to your booking like a meet and greet with the driver, child seats or bringing special luggage. When you book the meet and greet, the driver will pick you up at the arrivals. The last two things that remain to do are filling in your contact details and paying the booking.

Cheap Ben Gurion Airport taxi

You can book your low price Tel Aviv Airport taxi with us, but you can also find an airport transfer in Brisbane, Fort-Lauderdale or Glasgow.