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King Abdulaziz International Airport, JED, Saudi Arabia

King Abdulaziz Airport taxi

When you are going on a trip to Jeddah and you want to get to your destination quickly, it is a smart decision to book a Jeddah Airport taxi at The airport is located 55 kilometers to the north of Jeddah. As you may suspect, the airport is named after King Abdulaziz. He was the first monarch and even the founder of Saudi Arabia. The King Abdulaziz Airport is the third largest airport in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An interesting fact about the airport, is that there is an Hajj terminal. This terminal is specially built for Islamic Pilgrims who are going to Mecca. The other two terminals handle the Saudia flights and the flights from foreign airlines. The facilities on this airport are not really developed, but the basics are in place. There are a couple of restaurants, some stores and free Wi-Fi. There are plans at the moment, to expand and improve the airport. The first phase of the development should be finished in 2017.

Jeddah Abdulaziz Airport transfer

If you are going on a vacation to Saudi Arabia and you don’t know what the best way is to get to your hotel or apartment, than it is smart to book a taxi from Jeddah Abdulaziz Airport to your destination. It is a 50 minutes ride from the airport to the centre of the city of Djedda and more than an hour ride to Mekka. If you are in Saudi Arabia for the first time, it can be nice to be picked up from the airport because you don’t know the area and the culture. It is nice to have a cabdriver that knows where he has to go. A risk of taking a random cab, is that you have to wait for a while, because it can be busy with other people who also need a ride. It can happen that you have to wait for more than an hour while you want to go to your destination as fast as possible. Another disadvantage of taking a random cab at the airport is that you don’t know what the price of the ride is in advance, and that you can’t be sure that the driver takes you to your destination with the shortest route. Because of all these reasons it is the best decision to book a Jeddah Abdulaziz Airport taxi at You’ll know what you have to pay in advance, you know who your driver is, with what car he picks you up and you always have our customer that can help you.

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It is easy to book a Djedda Airport taxi at this website. You only have to follow the next steps, and before you know, you have arranged everything for your holiday!

  1. Fill in the booking form on top of this page
  2. Pick one of the taxis
  3. Choose between the extra options
  4. Fill in your personal information
  5. Choose a payment method

The first step speaks for itself. All the boxes in the form have to be filled in to go on to the next step. The second step is to pick a vehicle. You can choose between a sedan, a minivan and a minibus. The choice depends on the number of travellers you are travelling with. After you have chosen a car, you can add extra options to your booking. Do you need a booster seat, or do you want to take special luggage? That is possible with the extra services of our drivers. The next step is filling in your personal details. Make sure you put in the right email address because you will receive your bookings confirmation via email. In that voucher you’ll find the information about the driver and the car, so save it somewhere on your computer, or print it and bring it on your trip. At last, you can choose a payment method. You also have the choice of paying in advance, or paying 15% in advance and 85% after your ride.

Cheap and reliable Jeddah Airport taxi

For over more than ten years, we are operating in the taxi industry. We have a lot of experience and we know which local taxi companies are the best. We acquired and selected the partners manually and we keep close contact with the partners. Besides that, we monitor the reviews of all the customers so that we can select the best partners for you. In that way, you are always sure that you have a safe and reliable taxi from Jeddah Airport, but also in Tokyo, Singapore and Valencia.