5 Top Spots for Tapas in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best places to visit in Spain, and it is all about the tapas. The food scene as a whole is fantastic, but the tapas are worth exploring on their own. If you’re visiting Barcelona with kids, then you’ll find that ordering tapas is a great way to allow them to try lots of new dishes. These tiny dishes are usually packed with flavour, and often come complimentary when you order drinks. Some Barcelona restaurants specialize in tapas, so you can try a wide variety. If you’re visiting Barcelona and want to really sink your teeth into the food scene, here are the top tapas spots to try.


This modern tapas bar is a hot spot for foodies who like a bit of adventure in their meal. Suculent has a long list of options, and many of them are unique, or a twist on the classics. Mix and match if you want to wrap your mind around the flavours. Guests can choose from three different menu options, which have specific numbers of appetizers, starters, dishes, and desserts. If you only have one thing, make it the grilled bone marrow with steak tartare on top.


This spot is for the serious eaters. The tables may be small but the amount of food that comes from the kitchen is impressive. Jai-Ca can be found in the Fisherman’s Quarter of Barcelona, and is known for its seafood tapas. If you’re a fan of fried sea creatures, you won’t want to miss this. Stuff yourself with razor clams, fried squid, steamed mussels, or a spicy bomba, a fried potato ball filled with meat, spices, and vegetables.

La Esquinica


It takes a bit of effort to get to La Esquinica, but it’s absolutely worth it. It’s located in the Nou Barris neighbourhood and has ques out the door. The staff will give you a ticket with a number and call you when there’s enough room. While it’s a lot of hustle and bustle, the value and tastes of the tapas make it worth your while. Make sure to try the fried squid, sausage, patatas bravas with aioli, and the stuffed mussels.

Quimet & Quimet


This small tapas bar has been passed along to multiple generations of the Quimets. It started off as a wine bar back in 1914, but slowly evolved into the much-loved tapas bar that it is today. While they still have a fantastic wine list, the food has really stolen the show. This spot is known for tin and jar preserves and open-faced sandwiches. Make sure to try the razor clams preserves and the montadito with Brie, artichoke, red pepper, and caviar.

El Rincon del Cava


Like the name suggests, this spot is well-known for its Cava (sparkling wine from Catalonia.) This cava bar can be found in the district of Poble Sec, and is considered a bit of a hole-in-the-wall. Both the cava and the tapas are extremely cheap. And, they offer half-sized tapas portions so that you can get to try a wide selection.

If you’re exploring Barcelona, you must try the tapas. East as many as you can and visit as many tapas bars as possible. These small dishes are part of the culture, and they are so cheap and filling that you’ll be satisfied no matter where you go. You can book your taxi from Barcelona airport here.