8 Epic Adventures To Try During Your Life

Is there an adventure that you wish you could accomplish before you settle down in marriage or before age ties you down to your home compound? If yes, the worst thing that can happen to you is the failure to undertake that venture or at least give it a try. Many people who fail to chase their dream end up regretting their decision later in life, when they are old and tired. Don’t be like them; stop procrastinating and go find that adventure. Even if you don’t have the fortune to spend on adventure, you still can actualize your dream if you put your mind to it.

This post seeks to push you out of your comfort zone by highlighting 8 epic adventures that you ought to try before you die.

Hop on an Antarctic cruise

Arguably one of the coldest places on the milky galaxy, Antarctica isn’t on the travel bucket list of many travelers. If you want to do something that will give you the bragging rights among your close associates, then this would be a great adventure to undertake. As a matter of fact, you will be among the few people in history to have set foot in this frozen continent. Those who have been there say that the hiking and kayaking experiences are on a level of their own. You will have a chance to try that yourself.

Go cave exploring in Florida

Many people visit Florida for the beaches. Make a point of visiting for a totally unique reason: cave exploration at Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna. You can camp in the cave if you are feeling strong, but if you want a better place to spend the night, you can always book a vacation rental.

Drive at top speed on the Autobahn

What is your personal best driving speed? Most people drive at 60mph top speed, and they have to keep looking over their shoulder for cops. On Autobahn, however, you are allowed to reach whichever limits you want. There aren’t speed limits here and no cop will pull you over. So, find the fastest car that you can get and improve your personal best to 200mph or more.

Cycle on the North Yungas “Death” Road in Bolivia

Many people have died through road accidents on this road over the last two decades. The road is the narrowest that you’ve seen yet, the bends are tighter than what you are used to, and the drop-offs are over half a kilometer long. To make things scarier, there are no guard rails. That is why the road has injured and claimed the lives of many cyclists before you.

The paragraph above is a precaution to you and not just an idle threat to scare you off. Many cyclists have cycled the entire 64kms and came out unscathed, so you should be confident that you too can. The important thing is to cycle carefully and watch your step.

Try Tour du Mont Blanc Highlights

If you really want to challenge your self and walk one of Europe’s longest distance trek than you should definitely try the Tour du Mont Blanc Highlights. These highlights are known to provide some of the most beautiful and renowned mountain views, that stretch into three countries- France, Italy, Switzerland. The best way to experience all of these in a 7-day itinerary is by booking a Mont Blanc tour right away and explore the Europes highest peak from all sides.

Go castle climbing in London

Previously a Victorian pumping station, The Castle Climbing Centre is a must-visit for every lover of adventure. The next time you visit London, be sure to take a free walking tour around Manor House tube station and ask the tour guides to help you locate this center. While there, climb up the castle using one of the 90 roped lines placed at your disposal.


Hike the Himalayas

The serenity up there is unimaginable and the views utterly breathtaking. It is very unfortunate that many travelers are avoiding the Himalayas and Nepal as a whole because of the mega earthquake that killed nearly 9,000 people 4 years ago. Don’t be like those people!

As a matter of fact, visiting Nepal now will be more ideal for you if you are on a budget because the tourist traffic is minimal, so you will find cheap accommodation. Also, you will be able to hike the Himalayas without having to rub shoulders with too many people.

Take a self-guided tour of Antelope Canyon

Although there are many guided tours of Antelope Canyon, it is more adventurous and cheaper to go on a self-guided tour instead. One way of doing this is to kayak for about 2 miles starting from Antelope Point Marina, through Antelope Canyon cove, and up the Slot Canyon. It is quite an experience.


Lirika Hart is a young ambitious girl who has been researching self-development for the past three years and is now focusing on her career. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.”