Croatia’s best beaches

Croatia’s best beaches are among the most beautiful beaches in Europe, is increasingly sought after for a holiday destination. Bathed by the Adriatic Sea, they have warm, calm waters and intense blue color. It is simply stunning, making any place on the coast of Croatia a paradise.

What are the best beaches in Croatia?

Hard to say which are the best beaches in Croatia, since there, everything is amazing! The coast of Croatia has more than five thousand kilometers in length, including its almost 700 islands. From the most popular beaches to beaches of naturism, can you imagine how beautiful a place there is?

The following is a selection of five beach towns in Croatia.


It is the largest beach town in Croatia and one of the most important in the country. Being a peninsula, Split has several beautiful beaches, of course! In addition, the port of Split is the arrival and departure point for various islands of Croatia.

The main tourist point of Split is the Diocletian’s Palace, whose historical center of the city grew in its around. Built for a Roman emperor, the complex is a UNESCO heritage and remains very well maintained. Today, the huge seafront building houses several hotels, restaurants, ice cream parlors, as well as the Cathedral and Museum.


Hvar is a city located on the island of the same name, which also houses other cities like Stari Grad. Famous and trendy, Hvar is the new Ibiza. It is there that is located the Hula Hula Bar and the ballad Carpe Diem, famous attractions to enjoy the European summer.

But not only that, the island also contains paradisiacal beaches, ideal for relaxing and hiking. Besides the beaches and ballads, Hvar contains other attractions. Fortica Fort and St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the most famous sights.

To go to Hvar, you need to take a ferry from a city in Croatia such as Dubrovnik or Split. There are also ferries connecting Hvar directly to other islands in Croatia. And yet, it is possible to reach Hvar directly from Italy, from the towns of Ancona or Pescara. A good way to get to Croatia, by the way.


UNESCO’s heritage, the walled city of medieval architecture looks like a setting. Not only looks like, several spots in the city were used for the filming of TV series Game of Thrones.

The main attraction is walking (and climbing a lot of stairs!) Through the walls of Dubrovnik. Then take a dip on the edge of the castle to refresh. The town also has a bustling nightlife, good restaurants and water rides like kayaking.


Zadar is not so sought after, but it is a must-see destination. Among its many tourist attractions, there is the Sea Organ. It is a musical instrument played by the waves of the sea. They are marble steps, built at the edge of the sea, which when the waves beat, reproduce a relaxing and very pleasant listening sound. If you want, you can listen to the Sound Organ sound from SoundCloud.

Continuing along the boardwalk, you will find the monument to the Sun Salutation, a luminous panel. The lofty place at the end of the day, where people gather to see the famous sunset of Zadar.