Here’s Everything You Need to Travel the World

Figuring out what you need for your next trip can be challenging, especially because a single trip can have hundreds of unique scenarios to plan for. Planning gets even more complex when you are on a tight budget, or when you are traveling with a young family. The factors that you need to keep in mind increase exponentially in the two scenarios.

But with that being said, we are here to help you plan a safe, convenient, and pocket-friendly trip to the world regardless of the situation you are in. Planning for everything may not be possible, but our guide will help you account for the most important things and scenarios. These include:

Traveling documents

To avoid landing in trouble, you have to abide by the immigration, tourism, and foreign policies of the country to which you are intending to visit. Ensure that you inquire from the country’s embassy website or offices about all the necessary documents to prepare. Understand the travel visa requirements that your destination country demands from you before making any further preparations.

It is worth noting that some countries require tourists to have passports that have at least six months of validity, starting from the date of arrival. It is, therefore, important that you have your passport renewed if it is nearing expiry. In some cases, countries will allow citizens of specific nations to tour using a free visa or if not the case, visitors should apply for a visa before traveling. For example, Americans and Canadians visiting London require minimal legal formalities.


  • When traveling with kids, you probably will need to hire a car as public transport in many countries is pathetic and unreliable. For that, you will need an International Driver License.
  • Don’t forget to make copies of your important travel documents just in case you lose any of them.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential when touring a foreign land- Some countries actually require tourists to produce proof of their travel insurance at the port of entry.

Why do you need to be insured? Well, because you are more vulnerable abroad than you are at home. If something unpleasant happens to you, say, you are attacked by thugs, your insurance provider will cover your medical expenses. If you lose your luggage, on the other hand, the provider covers the resulting expenses.

Money, of course!

You will need a sizeable amount of money to travel, even when backpacking. You don’t want to sleep on the streets of a foreign country; neither do you want to beg for food. If you intend to live luxuriously abroad, the more the money you’ll need. And even when traveling on a budget, you need to occasionally stop by an upscale tourist restaurant to grab a quality, delicious bite. If you are planning to visit London, for example, in order to save up money, you can take a London free walking tour, to help you see all the attractions, and get an optimal experience.

Also note that in some countries, tourists are required to produce proof that they have enough funds to finance their stay. Credit card receipts and bank statements are some of the documents you can carry as proof. And speaking of credit card companies, ensure that your company is reliable and does not charge crazy transaction fees when used overseas.


You will be asked to get a simple vaccine before being admitted to most countries, but you should make a point of getting one even when not required to. Your health is important, and more so when in a foreign state. The last thing you want is to contract a disease that will confine you to your bed the entire trip, or that will have lifetime consequences.

The World Health Organization recommends that every traveler be vaccinated against yellow fever, for example, before embarking on trips abroad. And because you’ll be rubbing shoulders with locals and other tourists when on a free walking tour- those are the best if you want to get the most out of your trip- it is wise to be protected from as many airborne diseases as possible.

Note: In case you are under medication, don’t forget to carry the drugs and supplements you need.

A packing list

From about 6 months prior to your trip, make an effort of making a list of the things you’ll need for your trip. Travelers forget to pack important stuff all the time just because they refused to write them down.

A freelance job

Making money while abroad will give you more traveling, eating, and accommodation options. If you are experienced in content writing, video production, transcription, business intelligence analyst, programming, web designing, and other disciplines that require freelance experts, by all means, find a freelance job.

Lirika Hart is a young ambitious girl who has been researching self-development for the past three years and is now focusing on her career. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.”