Lonely Planet: A Good Trip Fellow

Sometimes it is difficult to know which the best places to visit are or where to invest your time. Especially, when you are travelling to a destination you have never been before.

The internet is of course a good source, but it can turn out to be a bit complicated. There exist so many websites that offer different opinions. Therefor, it may be tricky to know which is the good one.

What is it?

For this problem, we have a fair and completely reliable solution for you: Lonely Planet. This is a travelling guide which will provide you the best advise, no matter where you are travelling. The most touristic cities are available in several languages making your experience easier. In addition to that, it is recommended by travelling experts who really care about this kind of experiences.

Of course it is a way to guide your vacations and you will love this guide if you still like paper writing books. Each one is written by a well experienced person who knows perfectly the zone. He will provide suggestions to visit the best places.

How to proceed?

Our suggestion is that, the first day you arrive to your destination, you may catch your taxi previously booked. Go to your hotel or apartment, leave your luggage there and go to the closest bookshop to your location.

They usually have a specified department devoted to travel. Here, you will easily find the Lonely Planet version in your own language.

You will find two versions, the normal and the pocket one. The last one is more appropriate when you are travelling few days and you want to do. After all it will suggest plenty of things and activities. Prices varie between 12 and 25 EUR, you can also visit their webpage.



You will not regret having invested your money in that guide, that is for sure. Furthermore, you will be given details about every place that is worth a visit.  In addition, it will give you prices and schedules. As a result,  you can plan your trip and enjoy it as much as possible. You will also find recommendations about museums, interest points, nature and many more! Everything will depend on the destination you are visiting, but you will be recommended the best places and experiences from this location.

Food and drinks

You are also given advices for restaurants and places for having some drinks and food. As people usually try to avoid touristy places and go to local establishments, this is usually a tricky point when travelling. In that way, you will be also able to save money, as the guide will indicate different options for all cuisines and in several price ranges.

This guide will indicate you places that are offering you food and drinks that are typical of the location. Of course, this is one of the best things to experience when travelling abroad.


Travel on a budget


One of the advantages this guide offers, is that it always provides prices about all the activities it is mentions. As a result,  you will not be surprised once you are there. Apart from that, it is offering the cheapest options for every type of visit (restaurants, shopping, etc.). You will always find different possibilities, no matter the budget that is at your disposal.

Transport and maps


As a proper guide, it is of course offering a map for every part of the city. Moreover, you will be given public transport options to reach the places. This way, mobility will not be a problem for you. Do not forget that the best transport for your arrival day from the airport is Taxi2Airport.com. Of course, for your your return transfer to the airport as well.