Pet-Friendly Hotels: Where to Travel to in Europe

Pet owners are familiar with how difficult it is to go traveling and leave your furry companion alone. This can affect both the length and the quality of your holiday, and while you can leave them in the hands of a trusted person there is a better option – traveling with them!

While not every accommodation allows pets there are plenty which does, and decided to have a look at the European countries with the highest and lower number of pet-friendly hotels. Simultaneously, they looked at which countries have the most and least 5-star hotels, for those who want a luxurious experience for themselves and their pets.

To get the data, had a look at for the number of accommodations that allow people to bring their pets along, for all the countries in Europe. No particular dates were chosen, so the results showed all the accommodation available in those areas.

So, what are the European countries with the highest number of pet-friendly hotels?

 The study has revealed that the country with the highest number of pet-friendly hotels is Italy, with 18,176 hotels available at the time of the research.

In second place is Russia with 10,831 hotels, followed by Poland (8,521 hotels), Croatia (7,794 hotels) and Spain (6,945 hotels).

When it comes to the countries with the fewest pet friendly hotels, these are revealed to be:

Greece (2,733 hotels), United Kingdom (2,690 hotels), Serbia (2,638 hotels), Slovakia (2,493 hotels) and Romania (2,448 hotels) were revealed to be less pet-friendly for travellers.

However, if you would still like to visit these countries, don’t be afraid, there are still plenty of hotels to choose from.

Which countries have the highest-rated pet-friendly hotels?

When it comes to quality, the country with the highest number of 5-star pet-friendly hotels is France, with 217 hotels. In second place is the United Kingdom with 166 5-star hotels, followed by the country with the highest number of hotels, Italy (157), proving they are not only about quantity, but quality as well.

Our top tips for traveling with a pet

1 – Know embassy requirements

If you are looking to travel abroad with your pet, make sure you know the requirements of the country you are looking to travel to, as some have different laws than others, such as quarantine times and shots for
your pet.

2 – Have a health certificate

You will be required to have a health certificate for your pet by not only airline and border authorities but also hotels and pet care centrals, so don’t forget yours. Have an electronic copy of it as well if possible.

3 – Check with the airline

Just like for people, airlines have traveling requirements for pets too, so make sure you check with the airline what theirs are, such as pet carrier dimensions and health certificates.

4 – Have a pet first aid kit

You never know when an emergency can occur, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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