The Dutch are most satisfied when behind the wheel

The Dutch folk is the top students in the class when it comes to satisfaction as a driver.
That is exactly what a recent study has shown in Waze, an application for automobilists with traffic and navigation information. The app sparked a study on 50 million automobilists from across 40 countries to reflect their satisfaction level on the job. The Netherlands indicated a leading high score, a 7.9 out of 10 to be precise. The Philippines scored a 3.02, in the last place.

Which factors determine your satisfaction?

Your satisfaction level as a driver can depend on a range of factors: the road quality, the number of traffic jams you encounter daily, parking opportunities, traffic behavior of fellow drivers… This navigation app Waze combines all these determining factors together into the Driver Satisfaction Index.

Netherlands is the best country to drive in

Throughout all explored countries, it seems that the Dutch drivers are the most satisfied. Especially according to traffic safety, something that is crucial to us as a taxi service also received an impressive score of 9.2 out of 10. Besides, the road quality seems to be approved by the average Dutch person. With our year-long experience in operating Schiphol taxi’s, we have seen a range of jobs and we can surely say that we surely share that satisfaction. However, a point of improvement is the presence of fuel stations, scoring a 6 out of 10 which means that is a point of improvement.

How does it work elsewhere?

The United Arab Emirates was one of the only countries to lay down a 10-lane highway in the name of road quality. Argentina scored a 6.67, an impressive score for road safety. The Philippines, Dominican Republic, and El Salvador closed off with a score of 3.02, 3.35, 3.56 out of 10 in the ranking, therefore, portraying the counties with the most dissatisfied automobilists.

Room for improvement

No matter how fulfilled the Dutch are on the job, there are always more ways to progress.
No country had obtained a higher score than 8 out of 10. This is something that Schiphol would like to focus on. Would you like to start a relaxing vacation without any stress caused by the traffic? We can make that happen for you with our taxi options. We will ensure a safe and comfortable experience to Schiphol. If you happen to be searching for a Schiphol taxi, then Taxi2Airport is at your advantage.