Tips for planning a trip to Scotland

Are you planning your trip to Scotland? Or are you seriously considering traveling to this incredible country? So check out our tips.

Choose appropriate clothes

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Scotland is a cold country, as is the climate of neighboring England and Ireland. If you are going to travel to Scotland in the winter, know that it will have negative temperatures and the maximum is usually 6ºC. And even in the summer, these temperatures will not be among the highest, being as low as 20ºC.

Another important point is frequent rainfall, a feature of Britain. Therefore, reserve waterproof clothes and shoes.

Money in Scotland

As we know, the currency of Scotland is the pound sterling. To exchange currency, the indication is the exchange offices, especially those located at airports. Or those that are not close to the tourist centers, since they usually have higher prices.

Visit the Highlands

The Highlands form a mountainous area in the north of Scotland, all surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It is a region that refers to the Scottish clans of the 18th and 19th centuries and has as its main point in the history of the country the Jacobite uprising, portrayed in the series “Outlander”. Its capital is Inverness, and this region hides the famous Loch Ness, which gives rise to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster.

Divide your script well into Scotland

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This tip is important because it is not recommended to book many days to get to know Edinburgh. The town is small and the main sights of Edinburgh are concentrated in two neighboring regions: Old Town and New Town. Three days in the capital is of great size, two days spent intensely too.

If you can spare a few days on your trip, do not forget that England, Wales and Ireland are next doors. Remember also that promotional airline tickets can be found.

Visit Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, although it is not the largest city in the country (Glasgow is the largest). Even so, it is in Edinburgh that you will find the most important and visited tourist attractions of the country such as Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, one of the most beautiful streets in all of Europe. The city boasts magnificent Gothic architecture and original fun options.

Visit Edinburgh Castle

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Even if you only have a few hours in Edinburgh, be sure to visit your castle. The construction is gigantic and there are numerous rooms within the castle such as the National War Museum of Scotland which includes a large number of military artifacts.

Throughout the place, you can find cannons that were capable of firing ammunition of 150kg. Among other attractions are the Scottish Crown jewelry, which includes the Crown, the Sword, and the Cepto.