Top destinations to travel in 2019

If you are planning a trip for this upcoming year and you still have not decided which place to go, check out the best destinations to travel in 2019.

All of them are destinations rich in culture, history and outdoor activities. They are places that appeal to travellers of diverse profiles. Choose from the countries or cities that best match your travel style and enjoy a whole new experience!

Copenhagen, Denmark

In Copenhagen, you will surely gain a few extra pounds and have a lot of fun! The street food scene has gained more and more prominence in the city, attracting the attention of tourists arriving in the region.

During your trip, you can also burn calories at the amusement park or on the ski slopes. Also on the hiking trail, where you will see different tourists arriving in town who want to chill the cold.

Do not forget to visit the Nyhavn area, which is the postcard of the city, where you have all those classic and super cute little houses.  Also take advantage of the newly revitalised areas such as the Meatpacking District, which currently has great restaurants and open air.

Shēnzhèn, China

Known as the Silicon Valley of China, the city of Shēnzhèn has attracted not only tourists but also creative and innovative professionals to work in the area of technology and design.

With a backdrop of alternative music, cool cafes and some artisanal breweries, the city is becoming increasingly attractive to young travellers wishing to enjoy the bohemia experience this city offers.

Novi Sad, Serbia

Elected the European youth capital of 2019, Novi Sad is such an effervescent city. It shines on music, cinema and art, attracting young tourists to many festivals.  One of the most famous is EXIT , which will take place between July 4 and 7.

Another experience you should not miss in this town, is to go eat in some starred restaurant, there you will find dishes for less than € 10 in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Miami, Florida, USA

Famous for its busy nights and for being a place to escape from the cold, Miami continues in the top ranking of the most interesting cities. Actually this year is gaining prominence by its cultural scene.

The city has stood out as a center of art, urban design and gastronomic experiences that travellers will enjoy during their stay in the city that never sleeps.

In 2019 be sure to not miss the Wynwood Art Walk, located in Wynwood district. It is known for its eccentricity street art, with endless stunning graffitis and different modern architecture. It is an area which exudes creativity. Sthefania, from Sthe On the Road blog, claimed this Miami neighbourhood to be the coolest one.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Rebuilt after the earthquake of 2015, Kathmandu is again attracting the looks of tourists who may be enchanted by the restorations of historic monuments that collapsed in 2015.

The city, which was forced to change, is even more magnificent than before. Now offers much more comfort and quality of life for the inhabitants. Also now all visitors can even count on electricity and Wi-Fi, even in the alleys of old City.

We hope that in 2019 you travel as much as you would like and even if you have already traveled to some of these destinations, it is worth going again as there is always something new to explore.