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Extra information

Bordeaux Airport, BOD, France

Welcome to Bordeaux Airport

The Bordeaux airport is located to the south west of France serving flights to and from Europe and North Africa. The airport has three terminals and a range of facilities such as duty free shops, cafés and restaurants to ensure your comfort during your wait. The duration of the car ride from the airport to Bordeaux city center is approximately half an hour long. Once you have landed, we arrange swift taxi transfers from the Bordeaux airport and any surrounding Bordeaux areas.

About Bordeaux

It is home to the largest wine fair Vinexpo, and the wine of Bordeaux which has been produced in Bordeaux all the way back to the 8th century. The city has preserved many historical buildings and therefore part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its ‘outstanding urban and architectural ensemble.’ The city was established by a Celtic tribe around 300 BC and in 60 BC the city became ruled by the Romans. It was in the 18th century when Bordeaux went through a golden age. Buildings from this era can still be found when touring the city neatly situated upon the river Garonne.

Things to do in Bordeaux

When traveling to Bordeaux it is an idea to visit the Cité du Vin. It is a wine center displaying old wine making equipment from the past such as wine pressers. The wine center is very interactive with its use of a range of digital elements such as 3D models that show unique information on wine making. The center also holds 800 different kinds of wine from all over the world. Here you can have a fun experience while educate yourself on the history of wine and role it plays throughout the globe. There are also activities for children, a boat room that depicts the true feeling of sailing across the ocean. Another idea is to go on an adventure into Bordeaux’s famous wine regions. It is often a half day tour with a small group where you can visit authentic wineries. You will receive local knowledge on the wine-making regions and the wine offered for wine tasting. A beautiful building to view is the Place de la Bourse, a well-known structure of Bordeaux city. The structure was designed in the 1700’s by Ange-Jacques Gabriel and later the construction was led by his son. If you are a fan of architecture it is the ideal spot to check out. Its open views enable you to capture pleasing photographs. It looks magnificent during the day and just as magical at night as the reflection of the lights in the water enhance the beautiful architectural symmetry. When visiting Bordeaux, it is also an option to visit the Grand Theatre of Bordeaux founded in the 1700’s. It is one of the oldest wooden frame opera houses that has maintained its shape. It has a stunning interior design with blue and gold components and hosts world class performances. You can visit the theatre with a guide to receive historical insight or buy tickets for a performance. The stage is close and the theatre is small in size therefore bringing the audience closer to the performance. If you are in the city of Bordeaux, visit the public park Jardin for a sweet stroll and relaxation. It is a sweet escape from the surrounding urban area and is the perfect spot for tranquility and soaking up the sun. The park is well kept with its hectares of grass and flowers giving a country side feeling. We are pleased to provide you with the best Bordeaux airport taxi service to your next destination. For more ideas to partake in the city of Bordeaux see here

Neighboring Bordeaux Airport Transfers

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