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Extra information

Brussels Airport, BRU, Belgium

Taxi Transfers Brussels Zaventem Airport

Brussels Airport, also called Zaventem, is one of the largest airports in Europe, and the busiest airport in Belgium, with nearly 22 million passengers in 2016. Brussels Airport is located 12 km from the Belgian capital and therefore, there are several possible transfer options from or to the airport. For a comfortable and affordable Brussels Airport transfer, book a taxi in advance with Taxi2Airport. It is a reliable platform for booking airport transfers available 24 hours a day. We provide hassle-free transfers and work with the best group of drivers, who will ensure that you reach your destinations on time with as little stress as possible.

Located in the centre of Belgium, Brussels Airport is connected to the world by 78 airlines. It serves as the home base for Brussels Airlines, and the Belgian holiday airlines TUI Fly and Thomas Cook Airlines. With Brussels being the economic heart of Europe, Brussels Airport industry plays a major role in the Belgian economy. Having a 1.8% share in the national GDP and an added value for Belgium of 3.2 billion euros, Brussels Airport is considered the second most important economic growth point in Belgium. The airport is also an important cargo airport, since it serves as a hub for several cargo operators, and handles an annual 495,000 tonnes of cargo.

Brussels Airport is home to around 260 companies, together generating direct and indirect employment for 60,000 people. Around 500 vacancies at the airport can be found at any point in time. And thus, the airport provides a great range of job opportunities.

Brussels Airport’s goal is to continue to offer thousands of airport-related job opportunities and develop the connection of Belgium to the rest of the world by providing more destinations for the passengers. The airport aims to achieve a balance between the economic development and the impact on the environment.

Facilities at Brussel Zaventem

Brussels Airport has only one terminal, meaning that all the facilities are situated under one roof, but it is divided into two piers: pier A and pier B. The terminal building includes several levels. The railways station is located on level -1, bus and taxi service is on level zero, arrivals can be found on level 2, and departures can be found on level 3. Pier A is the newest one at Brussels Airport and opened doors in 2002. It mainly handles Schengen flights, but since 2008 it also supports flights to African destinations. Pier B is the oldest one at Brussels Airport, and is only used for flights outside the Schengen area.

Services at Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport offers a wide variety of entertainment options such as bars, restaurants, shops, most of which are located on pier A. A few facilities, mostly small shops, such as the airport shop, a pharmacy, a coffee shop, are located in the departure area. However, most of the shops can be found after Security control in the tax-free area. These shops offer a wide variety of products, ranging from tobacco and alcohol to accessories, perfumes and sweets. The airport also features Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Orthodox and Protestant places of worship as well as meditation areas for humanists. Also, unlimited free access to Wi-Fi is available for all visitors and passengers.

The airport also provides specialized services, such as meeting rooms, baggage wrapping, post office, pharmacy, petrol station, and luggage lockers. Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel is the only hotel located right on the airport premises, in front of the main gate of Brussels Airport, and offers sound-proofed rooms. There are also fifteen other hotels situated in the area of the airport, and shuttle services are provided for all of them. These buses pick you up or drop you off at the coach park on level zero.

How to get to and from Brussels Airport?

A way to get to Brussels Airport is using your personal vehicle since the airport can easily be reached by a car. There are three car parks located at the airport, offering a total of 12,000 parking spaces, 10,800 of which are within walking distance from the airport building. Brussels Airport is easily accessible by car via the A201, which is directly connected to the Brussels Ring Road. From there, the main Belgian highways can easily be reached. The only problem with that are the high costs of the parking. You pay per day, so if you’re going on a long holiday, the costs will increase with the day.

Another option is to ask friends of family to bring you to the airport, but if you’re flying early in the morning or late at night, it is not always an option. Besides that, you have to bother your family, which is not ideally.

Last but not least, the most convenient way to get a transfer from or to the airport is by using taxi services. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, with friends or alone, booking a cab is the best and most comfortable way to get directly to and from the airport. A big advantage of booking a taxi transfer in Brussel in advance is that you always can be sure that you have a ride and that you get to your destination safely.

Brussel Zaventem Airport taxi

If you are going to Brussels for a leisure trip or if you are going to Brussels for business, it doesn’t matter, because an airport taxi in Brussel is always a good idea. It brings you fastly to your destination and back. Besides that you know that the taxi will be on time and that it is safe. Because you pay in advance you don’t get discussions in the taxi about the price.

Trying to avoid all the stress around booking a last-minute taxi? Afraid of increasing fares during your taxi transfer? That is why we always recommend that you book your Brussels Airport transfer in advance using We provide convenient door-to-door service, which ensures that you are picked up and reach the required destination on time with the least effort. We offer the best deals for airport transfers when you need to go to or from Brussels airport. On our website, you can fill in the details of your transfer, including location, date and time of the transfer as well as number of passengers and suitcases. Thanks to our global partner network, we are able to offer you the best deal for your requested transfer. We also facilitate you in case of special needs or requests by providing exclusive services. Your Brussels Airport transfer is provided by one of the professional drivers partnered with us, so great comfort and ease are guaranteed when booking with Taxi2Airport. By simply paying 15% deposit or the total amount of the booking online, you are now ready to land at Brussels Airport and hop on the taxi right away without having to worry about additional costs. We work hard to reduce the stress of your trip and to ensure the best beginning of your trip. We not only have taxi services in Brussel, but also in Manila Jeddah and Hong Kong.