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Taxi transfers from and to J. Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice, Poland J. Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice, Poland

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Extra information

J. Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice, KRK, Poland

Welcome to J. Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice!

The international airport of Krakow-Balice is located in the outskirts of the village Balice near Krakow. The airport is situated 11 km away from the city center of Balice. The city of Balice is located in the south of Poland and is known to be the busiest airport nationally due to many passengers per year. The airport opened in 1964 for military use becoming a passenger airport four years later. The name J. Paul is dedicated to the archbishop of Krakow John Paul II, more recognized as Pope John Paul II. When visiting the airport, it offers many facilities such as restaurants, cafe’s and shops that sell souvenirs, jewelry and Polish folk art. There are also Duty free shops and currency exchange opportunities for changing your currency into the Polish Zloty. The airport also provides a business lounge for passengers on international flights and a VIP lounge which offers catering services and requires reservation. During your travels to in Poland, we provide you with the best collection of taxi transfers from the airport to city center Krakow or Balice.

About Krakow

The second largest city in Poland and also one of the oldest cities. Dating back to the 7th century the city is known to lead in terms of culture and art. The name Krakow is derived from the founder of Krakow who was a ruler of the Lechitians. The city is known for its university, the University of Krakow which is the second oldest university in Central Europe. The city lies in the South of Poland on the Vistula River. When visiting Krakow, there are a number of monuments and artifacts which are well worth a visit. The Royal Cathedral is a gothic structure with many chapels. When visiting the Cathedral, you enter through a large iron door embellished with large pre-historic animal bones said to maintain the Cathedral. There you can climb into the tower to view the two-meter-high bell which only chimes during special significant events around the year. At the top of the tower the view over the ancient city is remarkable. It is also an option to visit the brick church St Mary’s. The church has two uneven towers and an exceptional wooden altarpiece. Every hour you can hear the bugle call from the churches’ tallest tower. Climbing this tower in the summer will give you a spectacular view of the city beneath. When exploring Krakow, you can visit the deep salt mines. It is made up of pits and chambers all once carved by hand. The mine has many tunnels and some which go as deep as 327 meters’ underground. To visit the mine, you can do a public tour where you will receive explanation and information on the past. Here you can also view a salt lake and many formations for example the Chapel of St Kinga which is made completely out of salt. If you are in need of a taxi ride, we are delighted to arrange airport taxi transfers in Poland for you.

Activities in Krakow

There are also numerous activities to take part in to discover the culture and life of the people of Krakow. There is the Krakow Craft Beer Tour where you get taken to three of the best craft peer pubs where you can taste up to ten polish craft beers accompanied by traditional snacks. If you are less of a beer fan there is the option to go on a vodka and culture tour where you will taste at least seven types of vodka, learn about the different uses of vodka and the finest Polish food pairings. To delve deeper into the history of Poland you can have a small group tour to the Auschwitz-Birkenau former concentration camp, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most notorious concentration camps and many visit it annually to experience the dark history of the Second World War. We provide transfers across the country from the airport and can arrange your airport taxi transfer to Auschwitz. For more inspiration and information on what to do in Krakow Visit here

Neighboring Airports for Taxi Transfers

If you are exploring around Poland, we also provide affordable and cheap taxi rates to and from Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport  For more information on how to book and any questions, feel free to visit our Customer Service Page