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Luxembourg Airport, LUX, Luxembourg

Luxembourg Taxi Transfers

Welcome to the Luxembourg Airport in located in Luxembourg. The airport was opened in 1930 and provides international flights with its two passenger terminals and several airport facilities to ensure a comfortable wait such as restaurants, cafes and stores for your last-minute shopping. The drive from the airport to Luxembourg city is a duration of approximately 16 minutes. Luxembourg is situated in an ideal position bordering Belgium, Germany and France allowing efficient and quick access to these neighboring countries. We are your Luxembourg taxi transfer providing you with taxi services to and from the Luxembourg airport. Book here for your Luxembourg airport taxi transfer.

Business Trips or Private Transport

Due to our collaboration with local taxi services in Luxembourg, we are able to arrange transportation for every situation. Whether you are planning on travelling for business purposes or a vacation with a lot of luggage, we offer you numerous choices. When making a booking you can travel with:

  • A Sedan
  • A Limousine
  • A Minibus
  • A Minivan

Activities in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world. The capital city, Luxembourg City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where most of the attractions can be found. The city is a beautiful city to discover when walking through the old squares and streets. Luxembourg City combines ancient and modern touches and is culturally diverse city with rich natural landscapes. When visiting the city, there are several monuments and old buildings to see. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral dating back to the 17th century holding numerous sculptures and religious statues. It is also known for its crypt, including the graves of the Luxembourg Royal Family. The Palais Grand-Ducal built during the Flemish Renaissance is a remarkable building with medieval- gothic designs once serving the original residence of the Royal Family. Chateau de Vianden, is one of the largest fortified castles to the west of the river Rhine. The castle was built between the 11th and 14th century including its own chapel and palaces. When in Luxembourg, visit the Bock Cliff used in the past as a mode of defense. Within the cliff there are a series of underground passages which can be explored and by climbing to the top you will find the old ruins of a former castle. In the city, there is the Monument of remembrance dedicated to the citizens who volunteered during the First World War. The monument is Greek goddess of victory who represents freedom. There is also the Goethe Memorial which honors Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German poet who lived in Luxembourg for a while. For more insight on the culture and past of the city, go to the Luxembourg City historical museum. The museum displays the progression of the city and country from the 10th century onwards. The museum hosts a range of cultural events throughout the year where they highlight their collection of photographs, ceramics and exhibits on daily life. Due to Luxembourg City’s fusion of historical and modern buildings, it is an idea to check out the Philharmonic of Luxembourg. It is a concert hall with a spectacular architectural structure resulting in a high quality of acoustics, hosting many respected artists. If you are a fan of photography or merely want a great view over the city, visit the Passerelle Viaduc built in the 1800’s providing a connection to the railway station. Luxembourg has a range of natural surroundings making it the perfect location to go on adventures. There are several hiking trails surrounded by forest, lakes and rivers. Hiking can be the best way to reconnect with nature and yourself. Outside of Luxembourg city, there are beautiful picturesque country sides and ruins to discover. You can explore on your own or go on a group tour which hold special offers during the summer. There is also the option of equestrian holidays where you can tour the country on horseback, overnighting in different unique locations along the way. For more inspiration on where to visit during your stay see here.

Nearby Airport Transfers

We operate in over 2000 airports in more than 50 countries and are online 24/7 happy to assist with any questions on our Customer Service Page . Offering affordable airport taxi deals is our expertise and it is our goal to provide you with the most suitable airport shuttles to Luxembourg. We are your Benelux taxi in Luxembourg, working with partners from around the world to ensure you receive a reliable taxi transfer. We also provide airport taxi transfers to airports near Luxembourg such as the Frankfurt Hahn Airport and the Charleroi Brussels Airport.

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