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Extra information

Tokyo Narita International Airport, NRT, Japan

Tokyo Narita International Airport Transfers

If you’re traveling to Tokyo, it’s likely that you’ll land at Narita airport. This airport may serve as your introduction to this beautiful and fascinating country. Whether you’re there for a layover, or waiting around for your flight home, there will be something interesting here to see or do. Grab a beer, enjoy some sushi, or get in a little shopping in between flights. Visiting Tokyo? Here’s everything you need to know about Narita airport.

Background info

Also known as Tokyo Narita Airport, this bustling travel hub is a primary entryway to Japan. It’s located 60 kilometers to the east from central Tokyo in Narita, Chiba. This airport is the second busiest in Japan, carrying out 50% of international travel passengers and 60% of international air cargo. From boutiques and restaurants to lounges and cocktails bars, this airport has all of the comfort and luxury you’d expect from Tokyo.

Passengers in The Previous Year

In 2018, this airport saw about 42.6 million passengers.

Number of Runways

Narita Airport has two runways.

What City Does the Airport Primarily Serve?

Narita Airport has two runways.

Frequent Journeys from Tokyo Narita International Airport

Some of the most frequent journeys from Tokyo Narita International Airport can be found below:

  • Narita Airport to Tokyo City Centre
  • Narita Airport to Tokyo Station
  • Narita Airport to Shibuya

Can I add a stop to the journey?

It is possible to add a stop onto the journey (additional fees may apply).

Most Popular Things to do in Tokyo

If you’re visiting Tokyo by way of Narita Airport, you’re in store for plenty of sites and attractions. Here are some of the top things to do in Tokyo:

Tokyo Tower

This communications tower is the second-tallest structure in Japan. While it’s main function is to house a significant antenna, the Tokyo Tower is also a hub for tourists. Guests can visit the observation decks to take in the views of the city.


This is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Tokyo. It’s the oldest temple in Tokyo, becoming independent after World War II. The temple is one of the most visited spiritual destinations in the world, seeing millions of people per year.


Fashion fans will love this bustling section of Tokyo. This district is known around the world for its youth culture, fashion, and cafes. It’s a popular spot for locals and tourists who want to shop, people watch, and soak up the distinctly Tokyo atmosphere.

Takeshita Street

Visitors will enjoy strolling along this street full of unique boutiques and eateries. There are major chains mixed in with local shops that makes this destination perfect for any kind of visitor. The pedestrian walkway is absolutely bustling with families, local youth, and tourists.


An epicenter of nightlife fun, this is the place to go if you want to experience Japanese love hotels, hostess clubs, nightclubs, and quirky bars. It’s full of fluorescent lights, colors, and plenty of excitement that lasts well into the morning hours.

Tokyo Disney

If you’re a true Disney fan you’ll want to check out Tokyo’s take on this great amusement park. This is a perfect day trip for families with kids, couples, or travelers. Spend some time on the rides, tasting the unique food, and stocking up on souvenirs.

Robot Restaurant

There are plenty of themed restaurants in Tokyo but the robot restaurant is one of the strangest and most interesting. You will see robots, clowns, ninjas, dragons, lots of neon lights and plenty of music. You’ll get a delicious dinner and strong drinks in addition to the highly entertaining show.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Best visit during cherry blossom season, this garden is the perfect outdoors retreat. Spend some time wandering on the trails past pagodas, ponds, and the teahouse. You will get a fantastic view of the skyline as well.

What Type of Vehicle is Best for Me?

As we have partnerships with a number of local taxi services within Japan, we are able to arrange transport for everyone. Some of the options we have available are (please note this will vary between airports):

  • Sedan – 3 persons + 3 bags
  • Minivan – 6 persons + 6 bags
  • Minibus – 8 persons + 8 bags
  • Stretched Limousine – 8 persons + 8 bags (only available in select locations)
  • Business – 2 person + 2 bags (only available in select locations)

Business Travel

We currently don’t offer business travel options from this airport.

How To Book With Taxi2Airport

Here at Taxi2Airport, we want to take the stress away from booking your airport transfer, so we put together a short guide on how you book with us:

  1. Fill in your details with the form at the top of the page ensuring that all details are correct. *
  2. Click ‘Search for fares’.
  3. Select any additional options by clicking ‘Additional options’ next to your choice of vehicle.
  4. Next to your choice of vehicle, click ‘BOOK NOW’.
  5. Enter your contact information into the form or sign in if you already have an account with us.
  6. Select your payment method and then click ‘COMPLETE PAYMENT’.
  7. Enter your payment details and click ‘CONTINUE’.
  8. Please review your order and submit when you’re ready.

* Pick-Up Time: Please factor in travel time when requesting your pick-up time, especially if you need to be at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight takes off.

Congratulations, you’ve just booked your airport transfer with Taxi2Airport! We hope you have a nice trip and look forward to seeing you again.

Nearby Airports

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