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Extra information

Haneda Airport, HND, Japan

How is Haneda Airport in Tokyo like?

Haneda airport also known as Tokyo International Airport is a big and interesting building where you will find three terminals: 1 and 2 are for domestic flights while 3 is for international ones. On the 4th and 5th floors, travelers will be able to find shops, restaurants, musicians playing in the hallways and other cultural activities such as Japanese theater. As the airport is located 20 kilometers away from Tokyo station, on the 5th floor you will be able to see the planes taking off and landing with the city as background.

Types of Transfers to Tokyo at the Haneda Airport

By train
It is one of the options you have in order to arrive into city centre of Tokyo. At the airport you can buy a ticket for the Keikyu line that will take you to the Shinagawa station where you can take the last train to your destination.

By bus
Inside the airport you will also find a bus terminal; the different lines can take you to many parts of the city, including the neighborhoods where the main hotels and tourist destinations are. The travel time may be longer if compared to a train or, of course, a private transfer, especially on busy days.

Private transfer taxi from Haneda to Tokyo
Thanks to the fact that the airport is located not so far from the city center, taking a taxi or a private transfer from Haneda is not so expensive, especially if you are traveling with more people. You can book your taxi to Tokyo from our site in order to have, for example, the driver's information in advance and the place where you will meet him when you arrive. All this will allow you to speed up time, avoid stress and enjoy the views while traveling to your hotel / destination.

Why is booking a private taxi from Haneda to Tokyo a good option?

By hiring a private transfer with T2A you can relax and enjoy the trip to the destination. You will know in advance the driver's name, phone number and the car that will pick you up and you will receive assistance during 24 hours for anything that might happen. You will also be able to choose the most suitable type of car according to your desire and the number of passengers. Booking with us will give you the option of an online safe payment that will avoid having to exchange money as soon as you arrive. If you want to know more, you can always send us a message, call us or use our online chat in case of doubt.

How to find cheap flight tickets to Tokyo?

A lot of people are choosing Japan nowadays as a holiday destination, finding a cheap flight will depend on the trip characteristics: the date when we want to go, how long in advance you are booking, the number of hours you are willing to spend travelling and, of course, the budget. Although there is not a single recipe to find the best flight, there are some tips that we can take into account:
- The most expensive and crowded months to travel to Tokyo are , usually, between the end of March and the first weeks of April, when the cherry trees bloom, July and August when the summer season begins and finally at the end of the year for Christmas and new year’s eve.
- In the low season, October and November are recommended as the best months to travel due to the weather and also because there are less tourists.
- If you want to travel and experience "Sakura", when the cherry trees blossom, anticipating the purchase of the flight ticket can betray us since the flowering can change depending on the weather and other conditions.
- As it is not possible to travel directly from every city in the world to Tokyo, we recommend buying the cheapest flight to a big city as London, Paris, Frankfurt or Dubai where you can take another flight direct to Haneda or Narita airport in Tokyo.

Accommodation - hotel and resorts in Tokyo

Once you have made the decision of travelling to Japan, it is recommended to analyze the different types of hotels in order to proceed with the reservations as soon as possible: first because prices tend to rise and secondly because of the availability. One of the typical hotels in Tokyo are the Capsule Hotels: That means that you can choose to sleep in a capsule that will be closed in every side except for where the feet go, there is only space for a bed, a television or radio and that’s it. You will have to leave your luggage in a locker outside and get inside only with your pajamas ready to sleep. Another typical accommodation is called Ryokanes where you will find a floor covered with tatamis, the typical paper sliding door, a small table for tea and high quality service. You must be barefoot to enter and usually a kimono is offered to be inside. Love Hotels is another typical and perfect option for those who are traveling and need to rest for a while, their rooms are generally themed and have large beds and bathtubs including whirlpool. You will also find more “common” ways of accommodation such as Bed and Breakfast, resorts, hostels, private rooms/house rentals and others.

Things you have to know before going to Tokyo

1- Food: there is a wide variety of dishes to try, although most of them are composed of the same ingredients the flavors and presentations are an experience itself. We recommend you to be open to new sensations in your palate.
2- Punctuality: it is a very important subject for the Japanese people, if you have an appointment, a meeting or a schedule for the bus be punctual as they will not wait for you.
3- The masks: you will see a lot of people walking on the street wearing mouth mask, they don’t do it because of you but to protect you from different viruses, even a normal flu.
4- The socks: it is most likely that you will spend a lot of time barefoot during your trip in Tokyo, since in the majority of the restaurants and houses it is necessary to take off the shoes before entering: they carried the dirt and problems from the street to the inside of the house.