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Venice Marco Polo Flughafen, VCE, Italien

International Venice Marco Polo Airport

Welcome to the International Venice Marco Polo airport serving Italy. Venice is located in the north east of Italy. Venice is made up of a series of 118 small islands which together make the city of Venice linked by canals and bridges. The city is renowned for its beautiful architecture, monuments and famous areas that have held importance throughout history. Venice is known for several artistic movements, most famously known is the Renaissance Period. It is also the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi and has had a crucial role in the development of symphonic and operatic music. The Venetian Lagoon and parts of the city are listed as a World Heritage Site, holding a range of many options when exploring the unique city of Venice. When visiting Venice, we offer the best Venice Airport Taxi transfers to any desired destination. We offer a range of services depending on your circumstances. If you are planning on bringing special luggage such as an instrument, we are more than happy to arrange the most suitable transportation option for your journey. We are always reachable to answer all your questions 24/7 on our Customer Service Page If you are thinking of visiting the fascinating city of Venice Book now for a reliable taxi transfer.

Explore the city of Venice

When exploring the city of Venice, there is a lot to sight see. One of the most famous churches of the city is the Saint Mark’s Basilica. It is to the east of the Piazza San Marco and is a remarkable building to visit and hear about its history. When visiting the cathedral, you can receive history on the architecture and receive a guided tour within where you will gain information on its structure and breathtaking mosaic and artwork, all telling a unique story. It is also a must to then view the Torre dell’Orologio, a clock tower built in the 1400s. A unique and cultural experience are the gondola trips. A venetian gondola is a flat boat that would allow transportation in the past for upper class families and is now used as a traditional way to travel through the canals. You can arrange a gondola ride with a gondolier who are always officially licensed and can be found throughout Venice wearing a striped shirt. Sometimes they will sing for you, or other times they will tell you a bit about the history. If you are interested in history and art, the Za’ Rezzonico is a museum which showcases a range of possessions. It is a museum which dedicates itself to 18th Century Venice. There are furnished rooms with detailed ornaments and decorations which give insight into the lives and surroundings of wealthy 18th century Venetians. The museum has clever lighting to display the acclaimed paintings and sculptures. There is also the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, a building displaying numerous artworks by Tintoretto. All works in the building are dedicated to the Virgin Mary and feature certain phases of her life. When in Venice, go on a wine tour where you can locally discover some of Venice’s top wineries. The tours include walking, wine tasting paired with Venice’s best snacks and a lot of history. We strive to organize the safest a to b taxi transfers throughout Venice city and the Marco Polo Airport. Here are some ideas of what you can look out for while visiting the city of Venice.

The Bridges

Due to Venice often being referred to as the city of canals, it is also known for being a city of bridges. There are over 400 bridges which connect the city of Venice and the bridges reflect a historical value. When exploring Venice, consider visiting some of the most famous bridges. The Rialto Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Venice, found crossing the Grand Canal dividing the districts San Marco and San Polo. Visit the Bridge of Sighs, a romantic bridge and popular spot to kiss. There is also the Academy Bridge located near the Galleria dell Academia, a renowned museum in Venice. The bridge is famous for its construction, being built mostly out of wood. We offer efficient taxi services to and from the Marco Polo airport to ensure you reach your desired destination.

Venice Marco Polo Airport Taxi Transfer Services

When visiting Italy there are a range of places to visit and discover in your own time. We organize taxi transfers from airports to all surrounding areas. If you require a taxi transfer from Treviso Airport or Verona Airport we are more than happy to offer you a suitable taxi transfer according to your needs.