These are the Best Pizza Places in Venice (7 of them!)

Venice is a labyrinth of cafes, gelato shops, pizzerias and glistening canals. Wandering on foot is inevitable, and so is working up an appetite.

Like most places in Italy, Venice has fantastic pizza. So, when you want to take a break from sightseeing and grab a slice, here are the best pizza places in Venice to try

Pizzeria Trattoria All-Anfora

Photo by ivan Torres on Unsplash

This eatery is known for its giant pizzas. They come in 50 varieties which makes it hard to choose the best option. While the restaurant and garden are quite beautiful, the atmosphere is modest. Tables are set with yellow tablecloths, and the plastic chairs make the restaurant look lowkey. This spot is owned by two locals who know their stuff when it comes to pizza. The menu is five pages long, four of which are pizzas while the fifth is salads.


This is a simple, Venice pizza joint that offers pizzas big enough to share. The atmosphere is relaxed as the staff seem to be pros at what they do. This is one of the few restaurants in Venice that offer gluten-free pizza so that everyone can experience Italian cuisine. They got their start in Naples and opened another branch in Venice to share the local specialties. Their menu changes monthly and daily so you never know what you’ll find.

Antico Forno

Easy to miss, this restaurant is a local gem that has become a hotspot for pizza enthusiasts. The pizzas come in thick or thin crust so that everyone can get a taste that they’ll love. It’s popular with locals and tourists who are able to find it, as the restaurant is positioned between two shops. They have ten types of pizzas and all are great options for travelers on a budget.

Arte Della Pizza

Photo by Hemant Latawa on Unsplash

Specializing in thick-crust pizza, this spot is popular with Venice locals. The staff are known for their friendly mannerisms and the atmosphere is said to be laid back. There are stools for guests to dine-in, but the restaurant is set up to offer takeaway.

Pizza Al Volo

This restaurant is good for a quick bite or to get a pizza as a takeaway. It’s small, authentic, and overlooks one of the canals. The pizza here is cheap and is set up so that you can get a slice and eat it while you continue to roam around Venice. The slices are huge and past visitors say that it is some of the best pizza in Venice.

Pizzeria Megaone

While this is one of the top pizzerias in Venice, it can easily be missed on a visit. The storefront is small and located close to the Rialto Bridge so there can be a lot of crowds. Visitors say that the seating isn’t ideal. However, there are rave reviews when it comes to the pizza itself. The slices are also really cheap which is a nice change from the high prices in this touristy area.

Pizzeria L’Angelo

This quaint pizza spot has a charming look and beautiful pizzas. The chalkboard menu offers a great variety of options, including five vegan varieties. The vegan cheese has received great reviews and non-vegan guests seem to enjoy the flavors as well. This place is on the smaller side though, so you’ll have to take your pizza to go.

Eating pizza in Venice is a must whether you’re visiting for a week or just a day. It’s easy to get lost while wandering the canals. But, you can pull yourself into one of these pizza shops for a delicious break.