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Taxi transfers from and to Gibraltar International Airport - Spain

Gibraltar International Airport

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Latest bookings from and to Gibraltar International Airport


A customer from United Kingdom booked a taxi from Gibraltar International Aeropuerto (GIB) to Gibraltar, Gibraltar.


A customer from United Kingdom booked a taxi from Gibraltar International Airport (GIB) to Gibraltar, Gibraltar.


A customer from United Kingdom booked a taxi from Gibraltar International Airport (GIB) to Gibraltar, Gibraltar.


A customer from United Kingdom booked a taxi from Gibraltar International Airport (GIB) to San Roque, Spain.


A customer from United Kingdom booked a taxi from AL, Spain to Gibraltar International Airport (GIB).


A customer from United Kingdom booked a taxi from Gibraltar, Gibraltar to Gibraltar International Airport (GIB).

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Welcome to Gibraltar International Airport!

The airport is located in the Isthmus connecting Gibraltar to the Iberian Peninsula. The airport was built during the Second World War when Gibraltar was operating as a British naval base. It holds one passenger terminal and has a variety of facilities such as restaurants, cafés and a business aviation lounge dedicated to comfort and security when visiting the airport. There are also duty free shops you can visit when waiting at the airport. After your arrival in Gibraltar International Airport, we provide you with the best airport transfer taxi options for Gibraltar .

Activities in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory situated in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and borders the south of Spain. The first inhabitants of Gibraltar were Phoenicians in 950 BC. There is the Gibraltar museum which displays a range of historical pieces. The museum exhibits local bird life from the past to the current day as well as Carthaginian artefacts found on the coast. When visiting the museum, be sure to view the 14th Century Islamic baths and 7th Century BC Egyptian mummy. Visit the St Michael’s Cave, once home to Neolithic inhabitants made from limestone. It is over 300 meters above sea level and today the cave entertains concerts, plays and fashion shows. During the Great Siege of Gibraltar towards the ending of the 18th Century, a series of tunnels were constructed when the French and Spanish attempted to take Gibraltar from the British. Here you can join a guided tour or visit the site alone which holds a lot of information on the siege in terms of preparation and gun positioning. It should be kept in consideration that it gets very steep at some point yet it does hold amazing views over Gibraltar. There is also a medieval Moorish castle to visit during your stay in Gibraltar. The Moors had the longest occupation of Gibraltar and there you can find many architectural and social cues which suggest the history and past that was once lived. It stands over the City of Gibraltar and has its clear feature being the tower of Homage, a climb that allows spectacular views over the city. If you look to the south on a clear day, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the Atlas Mountains. The rock of Gibraltar is one of Southern Europe’s impressive landforms. Most of the upper parts of the rock make up the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. The Upper Rock possesses over 600 plant species and is the ideal spot to watch the bird migration from Europe to Africa. While visiting the rock you must bump into the Barbary macaques, the apes known to hang around. Be sure to keep a safe distance when they are with their young.

The coast of Gibraltar

Surrounded by the coast, it should be relatively easy to find a nearby beach when visiting Gibraltar. You can visit Catalan Bay, the second biggest sandy beach in Gibraltar popular with both locals and tourists. The bay also further provides hotels and a number of restaurants. There is a yearly procession to the beach where The Lady of Sorrows is carried and the Bishop of Gibraltar blesses the sea. Visit Camp Bay, a small and rocky beach to the east of Gibraltar. It is a scenic beach with rock formations and an old British fort. At the south of the beach you visit a waterfall flowing over the cliff. To the south there is also a smaller swimming area known as Little Bay which is a natural small cove, the perfect shallow pool for children. When looking for places to swim, you can also visit the Eastern Beach, the largest sandy beach on The Rock. The beach is encompassed by both residential and industrial area. A perk of this beach is that unlike other beaches, it hosts the sun throughout the whole day and does not have several hours of shade. For more information on what activities to partake in during your visit to Gibraltar Visit this page

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