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Lisbon Portela Airport, LIS, Portugal

Welcome to Lisbon Portela Airport !

The Lisbon Portela Airport serves as an international gateway to Portugal and Europe. It is known to be one of the largest airports in Southern Europe. In the airport, there are many facilities such as the range of duty free shops, restaurants and baby care facilities. The airport is located 7 kilometers from the center, the capital of Lisbon. When traveling to Lisbon, we are happy to provide you with a to b transfers from airports to your next destination anywhere in Portugal.

About Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most ancient places in the world and is specifically the oldest city in Western Europe known for its neat combination of traditional history and progressiveness. We arrange taxi transfers from the airport to Lisbon city center. Due to Lisbon’s rich history, it is the ideal place when visiting the city to check out the variety of museums spread across the capital. For example, there is the Chiado Museum and the Tile Museum where you can view Portuguese paintings and sculptures depicting the different ages showing artworks from the past five centuries. You can also visit the Coaches Museum to view their different displays of luxurious carriages and royal elements. The city of Lisbon holds many stunning views which can be seen from different buildings. Furthermore, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate which means that the coldest weather in winter is around 15 degrees. For more insight on what to do when visiting Lisbon click here

Culture of Lisbon

The culture of Lisbon is one to be truly noted. Lisbon holds a range of cultures which have been influenced by Moorish and Roman invasions from the past. This makes the city perfect for viewing the different monuments that the city holds. There is the 16th century tower Belem tower, with its steep and compact steps, it leads to a stunning view over the city. You can also visit the triumphal arch in Rua Augusta which symbolizes strength and rebirth after the volcanic eruption in the 1700s which erased what stood before. There are many interesting places to visit in the city of Lisbon such as the retro store A Vida Portuguesa which is devoted to selling forgotten old Portuguese products such as lavender water, several oils, shaving cream and soap. There are numerous antique shops with unique displays, each conveying different experiences and convey the different experiences of the past which have been successful enough to stay. While you are in Lisbon, take a second to listen to the traditional music of Portugal known as Fado translating into destiny or fate. The music genre is known to sound melancholic and longing embodying a feeling of loss and resignation. In the past, it was mostly sailors and street vendors, the working class which would write and perform such tunes which date back to the 1820’s.

Coast of Lisbon

When visiting the city of Lisbon, there is also the option of enjoying the coast that surrounds it. Blending city activities with a day at the coast can be the perfect end to a holiday. Lisbon is fortunate enough to have many beaches along its coastline, the perfect spot for relaxation and soaking up the sun. The coast of Lisbon is also known for its clean beaches and positive atmosphere. You can find locals enjoying the coast all year along. The beaches can be used for water sports and are also family friendly when enjoying a day at the beach with the kids. Lisbon faces the river Tagus, where you can rent a bike and cycle adjacent to the river and take in its beautiful surroundings.

Nearby Airport Transfers from Lisbon Portela Aiport

When visiting Lisbon you may decide to discover the rest of the beautiful country. We arrange airport taxi transfers in Portugal to and from Joao Paulo II Airport where we do pick-ups and drop-offs. Additionally, we also provide efficient taxi transfer services and cabs for airport transfers at The Madeira Airport.