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Florence Airport, FLR, Italy

Florence Taxi Transfers

Welcome to the Florence Airport in Peretola, Florence. This airport serves for Florence, attracting many visitors a year. Florence is renowned for its culture, history and art. When visiting Florence, we ensure you receive the most reliable Florence Airport Transfer Taxi. We are happy to help you book your next Florence taxi transfer and are online 24/7 providing customer support and any assistance for your Florence transfer.

Transportation Options

Due to our alliances with local taxi services in Florence, we are able to organize transportation for everyone. Whether you are thinking of travelling for business purposes or planning on going on vacation with a lot of luggage, we offer you numerous choices to every situation. When making a booking you can travel with:

  • A Sedan
  • A Limousine
  • A Minibus
  • A Minivan

The city of Florence

Florence is the capital city of the region Tuscany in Italy. The city used to serve as a center for medieval European trade and was a large influencer in many cultures that we still see today. We are your efficient airport taxi service to your next stop. The city is known for its Renaissance art, architecture and several landmarks. Visit the Palazzo Pitti, located near the south of the River Arno. The Palace is one of the largest museums in Florence holding a staggering number of artworks and displays to view. The building has gone through many changes, once belonging to Luca Pitti and later being purchased by the Duchess of Florence. When you are in Florence, be sure to check the many museums and art galleries holding a range of works from throughout the past. The Uffizi Gallery is a notorious museum with some of the most iconic works throughout history. It is said to be a must see and is a beautiful reflection of culture meeting history. Every street and building in Florence holds a unique story and significance. Florence has incredible and impressive architecture which supports the whole city. If you are a true fan of architecture, be sure to visit places such as The Florence Cathedral known as The Duomo. The Duomo is the largest in Italy with its own bell tower and crypt. The view from the top of the Dome is spectacular. It was planned in 1294 and took over 140 years to complete, making it a masterpiece. In Italian culture, food is crucial part of daily life and it is therefore an adventure to discover the kinds of Italian food the city offers. Visit the Da Nerbone, a traditional Italian restaurant with good prices and authentic Tuscan dishes. When you have time, go by the Café Gilli for pastries and coffee in a classical Italian setting. There are also many terraces such as Enoteca Pitti Pitti Gola e Cantina with a beautiful view of the Pitti Palace or the Borgo San Jacopo, its view over the river and Ponte Vecchio. If you are interested in fashion, Florence is the place to be. The city holds an immense influence on the fashion industry and has fashion museums to showcase the development of fashion. Visit the Ephemeral Fashion Museum or the Galleria del costume holding the works of prominent fashion designers and fashion ateliers. If you are exploring Florence and need more inspiration on what to do visit here.

Florence Airport Taxi Services

The Florence airport serves customers from all around the world. The airport offers facilities during your wait such as several restaurants, cafes and lounges. There are a range of shops to do your last-minute shopping, many of which are traditional Italian stores. Once you have arrived in Florence, we provide you with our best selection of taxi transfers to your next desired destination in Italy. The drive from Florence airport to Florence city is approximately 35 minutes and we arrange a to b taxi transfers together with our partners. We are your airport taxi in Italy, operating in over 2000 airports and in more than 50 countries. Our dedication to provide you with a smooth Florence taxi transfer is key. We also offer Italian taxi transfers throughout surrounding areas such as Naples international Airport and Pisa International Airport.