Social Engagement Index: Ranking the New7Wonders of the World

Throughout the years, there have been several lists of World Wonders, that were compiled from ancient monuments to wonders of the present day. Where the list ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’ was the most common classical one, many people, institutions, and organizations now have their own lists.

One of the most notable lists is the New7Wonders of the World. This list was initiated by the Swiss corporation New7Wonders Foundation, which asked over one hundred million to vote and choose the New 7 Wonders of the world, from a selection of two hundred monuments. The winners were announced in 2007.

Social Ranking of the New7Wonders, one of the largest taxi providers in the world, analyzed the social engagement with the New7Wonders of the World in order to determine which wonder of the world is most popular on social media. They did so by looking at the number of:

– Facebook likes
– Twitter followers
– Instagram hashtags
– Pins on Pinterest

The results of this analysis were then ranked in the Social Engagement Index 2019 where special buildings and constructions were ranked on a 100-point scale.


– Results are based on a point system. For each social media platform, every Wonder starts at 70 points, where they could receive 98 points in total, per social media platform.

– Per social media platform, the Wonders received points, ranging from 1 point (least engagement) to 7 (most engagement).

– 0 points= score 70 (starting point), 1 point= score 74, 2 points= score 78, 3 points= score 82, 4 points= score 86, 5 points= score 90, 6 points= score 94 and 7 points= score 98.

– The total score is based on an average of all points per social media platform.


– Sources consulted: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Reviews and Tripadvisor Reviews.

– The official pages of the social media platforms mentioned were consulted for the data.

– If the official page was not available, Taxi2Airport used the pages with the most likes or followers.


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